Harmful stuff

This is a work in progress, much is missing.

Harmful thingsLess harmful alternatives
Alicorn TwiUnicorn Twi
Twilight SparkleStarlight Glimmer
WootmasterAnontheanon, Jargon Scott, czu, ficficponyfic, all the artists who drew filly on this site
Tracy CageAnonfilly, Dyx, Luftkrieg, Floor Bored
Copper PlumeCheese Sandwich
Meghan McCarthyLauren Faust
Equestria Daily, Horse NewsFilly sight newz
BraeburnDouble Diamond
Princess CelestiaPrincess Luna
Nightmare MoonLuna
Season 2 and beyond LunaSeason 1 Luna
Rainbow DashFluttershy
HumanPony, zebra, kirin, etc
TrixieJack Pot
Martha SpeaksMy little Pony
/both/ threadsBats and Moths in their own threads
DerpibooruPonybooru, Ponerpics, Twibooru
K-popPony music, YMO
Discord (program)Discord (character)
PetplayPony uprising
Long pony fanficShort pony fanfic
Tirek, Cozy Glow, ChryssieKing Sombra
Mr and Mrs. CakeCadence and Shining Armor
Attraction, AeroGolden Brisk, Kryostasis, Shining Armor, Coffee Cream
Button's momKing Sombra

Harmful things that are so superfluous and useless that require no alternative:

Note: At the moment a detailed rationale is not provided for most of this, so figuring out why some things are considered more or less harmful than others is left as an exercise for the reader.

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