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This site is all abojut anon filly, a small green horse who dos funy and relateable things.

All about the anonfilly :



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24,000 views! I'm proud of you!


23,000 views! the sight grows so fast :')


22,000 views?! Holy celestia! Sorry if a bit late about the news, thank you!


21,000 views! Thank you everyone! Here's to many more views!

Hopefully I'll think of a new idea for this sight.


The sight hit 20,000 views, I never thought it would reach this high, thanks frens!


19,000 views! I never thought we would make it this far, thank you everyone!


The sight hit 18,000 views, and has passed the one year anniversary! One year of Filly Sight! Here's to many more!


The sight has over 17,000 views! I'm so proud of you, frens!


16,000 views, that is a lot! happy fourth as well.


There's now a favicon!


15,000 views, and in just 10 days! Thanks!


14,000 views, that is quite a lot and in so little time too, thanks frens!


Finally have a badge for the site, and also a credits page, scroll down!


Ryuichi Sakamoto has stage IV cancer, I might have to swap to the other midi sooner than expected


13,000 views! I am so proud, and proud of all of you, thanks for getting the sight this popular!


12,000 views, whoa!


11,000 views, thanx!

I'm thinking making an adventure game for Filly one day, maybe something Sierra styled.

might have to learn to use AGS


The page has reached the big 10,000 views!, Thank you everypony!

Sorry if there was no April fools joke, I couldn't really think of a good one.


I added a recipes page, check it out! None of them are harmful, so don't worry


Over 9,000 views! thanx!


8,000 views! Wow!


The sight has reached beyond 7,000 views, thanks filly fans!

2/2/2022 (again)

The site now has over 6,000 views! I'm so happy! I have added some metadata stuff and new links to the link page.

Also I uploaded another midi for Christmas time and the inevitable unfortunate event


I am pleased to announce that the site now has it's own domain, anonfilly.horse (anonfilly.com is taken, and a .horse domain made sense anyways).

SSL was a bit tricky to set up, but I think it's all good now.

Enjoy the new address, filly fans!

little funfact I thought was interesting: anonfilly.gay was actually cheaper, but of course being a .gay site would mean having to abide by .gay standards, and the whole "Fig" thing would probably not go over well


Happy new year everyone, the sight as hit 5,000 views (it's at 4,999, but it will be 5,000 very soon). Thank you everypony for enjoying the sight!

Also, if you ever wanted to know the song that is playing on this page, it's a midi rendition of Ongaku by Yellow Magic Orchestra, specifically the instrumental one


The sight has 4,001 views! Happy thanksgiving every filly fan, I'm very thankfull for you all.


Sorry for the delayed update, but it looks like this site has over 3,000 views now! Also I got an anonfilly plush. We're nearing 4,000


This page has gotten over 2,000 views, yay!


Over 1,000 views, how wonderful!


Whoa, over 500 views, thanks for all the view s frens! Also got a modern midi player.